Monday, August 13, 2007

My First Sex Experience

Hello Everyone,
I am posting this blog just to share my experience as a man when I had my first sexual intercourse. Ever since I was a school boy, I was curious about the sex as every one else. I never had a chance until I turn 24 and finally I made it recently.
Frankly speaking, Me and my girlfriend had never thought that it would happen so quickly. But we did it on our first date. It was on last weekend when she visited my home. Since I stay here alone away from my family there was no one present and we had the luck to do whatever we wanted. We quickly started and when I asked her about sex, she replied that she was not prepared for that.
After spending a couple of hours kissing each other she was ready for sex and wanted me inside her. At first I thought that it is going to be as normal as seen in the video. But believe me it took me couple of minutes to make our self adjusted and had the final thing done. That day I realises that how much energy consuming sex can be.
We had learned a lots of hype about first time sex, but in my case all was done with a little initial pain to her. Later on we were settled and we did it 4 times that day. Being curious I kept on asking her a lot of questions about how she was feeling and was proud to listen from her the only word AMAZING!!!
I was so stupid that I didn't had Condoms handy at that time and we were worried about pregnancy related issues. Later that day, I bought after pills just to make sure that we are on the safer side.
Being comfortable with sex now we have decided that we will perform it once in a week probably on weekend.